Why Voting for DA (District Attorney) Matters

It’s Pretty Simple.

District attorneys are the gatekeepers to the criminal justice system for kids and adults.

Your D.A. has a tremendous amount of decision making power; from the culture in the D.A’s office, to the plea negotiation process (nearly 95% of cases are decided through plea agreements), & holding police accountable.

But you have the power by going to vote to ensure that your D.A. is progressive.

Vote Norlan Graves

They Decide:

  • When to pursue charges against a youth or instead allow their families or schools to address that youth’s behavior.
  • When a kid’s behavior gets addressed through the state juvenile system.
  • When a kid’s behavior gets addressed using adult criminal punishment.
  • Whether a person who has been arrested should be kept in jail or set free.
  • Who gets charged with a crime and who doesn’t.
  • The seriousness of the crime or crimes charged against a person.
  • Whether or not to charge a person with a crime that has a mandatory minimum  prison sentence.
  • When charges should be dropped or dismissed because of a lack of evidence.
  • When a witness should be held in jail even if he/she committed no crime.
  • How fair the plea offer is.
  • When a person should get the opportunity to enter a diversion or treatment program.
  • What recommendations the state will support for a person’s probation.
  • The amount of cash bail the state wants to put on a person in jail awaiting a trial.
  • When a person will face a death sentence.

Just Throw Your Love In The Air & Wave it…

Like you just don’t care!

Because you can’t overthink it.  Just embrace it! I’ve written Letters to Change Leaders that read:

Change Leader:

Be unapologetic about loving yourself and fulfilling your passions. 

I’ve been in conversation with some of the most passionate entrepreneurs lately.  And more often than not, they absolutely LOVE being able to make money providing an essential need to their clients.

I’ve been in conversation with educators, who absolutely LOVE being able to share what they know and believe is noble and true to malleable young minds, regularly influenced by negativity and greed.  AND…

I’ve experienced the LOVE of a parent. One that will drive you to be your very best self.  A LOVE that will force you to face your fears. And as a “MOMeo”, it’s a LOVE that has to be balanced and cherished; despite the strain that a career and parenthood can bring.

…despite the strain…


Love As Hard As You Can

And cherish the memories. For me that takes combining my desire to succeed with my need to have positive reinforcement on ways to stay calm and focusDaily I learn how my balance supports my daughters’ growth.

So, I’m a little more open to the Snapchat filters


and “world saving selfies


That are gentle reminders of all that matters in my world. I want to give you an opportunity to capture what matters to you, merge what you need to keep in mind, and package it in a functional way.  Because there should be no limits to how you LOVE.

So be sure to capture the people you love and all that you want to become in a customized keepsake that you can cherish for a lifetime. Don’t delay.

Selfies and Self-Care

I’ve already told you once; I think Selfies Can Save The World

So when I started sending newsletters to the Single Moms’ Society subscribers

Ice Cream Party

it was essentially a reminder to all of them, and myself to…


Just be fearless!

Check out the Change Leader Letters here, but I’ve included it below.

Change Leader:

Always be fearless, in love, and in life.  Work hard to lead the life of the person that you think is the dopest.  Be that dope individual. Create that dope individual. You are a Success!

Take it from me, sometimes it takes seeing photos of yourself at your best to remind you of just how much of a success you really are. I’ll even personalize a selfie keepsake with notes on why you’re so dope so you can keep it close.

Grab yours here!


Can Selfies Save The World?

I say, emphatically, YES!

That’s why I’m creating “look books” with the smiles of IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tours past.

I thought about it, and it was like a light-bulb went off!

What better way to move into a MONUMENTAL 2018, than with finishing QUARTER 4 of 2017 a huge dose of what helped make life dope during your toughest times?

Time Freezing Photography!


When I started taking selfies with all the dope people in the city of Pittsburgh, for the IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tour, I had come to realize how vital it is to capture all you can in a moment. The brilliance of all these people did indeed save my life.

But I’ll save that story for another blog.


From meeting people who had the best salsa dancing moves in the city during Jazz fest, to the ones vending the tastiest treats.  The people that saved my world, as it existed in Pittsburgh were often times captured in a selfie!


From corporate to creatives, when I asked a question they shared what they knew, and they offered up a SMILE. 


You just never know what offering a smile can get you. Opportunities are created when the ice is broken with a smile. And for a moment, disappointments can fade, as the vibrancy of a grin captivates your thoughts for a moment.



I know it helped me, as a single mom attempting to live fearlessly & create a life for my daughters that we didn’t want to escape.  That’s why I’m offering the smiles of selfies-past and parents who can use frequent reminders of their super powers through tools and tips in the form of photography.

So join me in saving the world!

One SELFIE at a Time!  

You can send me up to 12 of your favorite photos and/or quotes have them turned into an awesome calendar or coffee-table book.  Prefer to share something beautiful, besides a smile? Something like art?  Send photos of your art and I can insert motivational quotes and tips to help you on your journey to save the world too!  Click here to get started.  Have additional questions about all the possibilities? Click here to send your question directly to my inbox.


Is Faking It Making It?

Much of my meditative time is spent trying to identify if I am aligning my actions to my goals.  If you’ve been watching my #LiveFrom videos lately, they are often times spent talking about emotional maturity or confessing my short-comings in an effort to highlight the lessons I’ve gained through mistakes.

The most recent meditative time was spent thinking about whether or not I was just too honest (or emotional) of a person to attain the level of success I desired.  Is my tendency to be intolerant to manipulation, openly address injustices, or refusal to smile to make other people comfortable in the midst of their internalized perception of what’s expected of women ruining my income options?

So I caught myself in prayer, also referred to as thinking, and somewhat inquisitorially pondered (prayed) “if being fake will generate more money for my family, show me the way.” Interestingly enough, I got an answer…  The brain does indeed work in mysterious ways.  And I Confess… here’s my lesson.

Every job is a little self-portrait of the person who did it. —Anonymous (2).png

Engineering Solutions To Coding Careers

The first step in the Engineering Design Process is to “Ask meaningful questions”

Because the goal of Garysburg Volunteer Public Libary’s self-proclaimed “Resource Fairy,” LaToya Williams is to ensure the community is engineering lives they don’t want to escape. She’s asking the question to the community:


Why Not Coding For Our Youth?   

So Garysburg Volunteer Public Library is “Booting up the opportunity to codeBooting up the opportunity to code” 4 PM on Friday,  September 15, 2017 at Garysburg Volunteer Public Library located at 504 Highway 46, Garysburg, NC 27831.

Read More about the program here. 

Click Here to donate to “Girls Who Code” – Garysburg.

Look forward to seeing you at Garysburg Volunteer Public Library 4 PM on Friday,  September 15, 2017  located at 504 Highway 46, Garysburg, NC 27831

gwc (1)

 Girls Who Code will service the Tri-County region and is located at 504 Highway 46, Garysburg, NC 27831.  Donate link available: gofundme.com/girlscodegarysburg

By Popular Demand: #12Challenge IERN WILL Fitness Calendar

Transformational View


I have enjoyed doing the fitness challenge with everyone. I have typically been posting my daily exercises, but I find I’m starting to forget. So by popular demand, here you have it! Enjoy! Please remember: this content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program.


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