Calling All First-Year Teachers!

Remember,  you ARE definitely an asset (not an accessory) to the learning process for students here in Northampton County!

IERN WILL understands that economic vitality and future sustainability of the community is a result of the confidence people have in their abilities to create and be the change they wish to see in the world.  I know that the community’s best resource is The People & want to make sure we’re maximizing the potential in our communities. IERN WILL’s ultimate goal is to inspire life-long learning by providing access to passion-filled and self-directed learning opportunities for all learners.

We really feel the best way to do this is by having teacher centered professional development for student centered learning. What that means is using what you’re most passionate about to help students in different content areas.  So, if you’re a math teacher that’s passionate about hiking, lets work together to create activities that use math to model distance traveled or determine the change in oxygen concentration further up the mountain. Maybe you want to have students come to Garysburg Volunteer Library to use the topographic globe to identify the best region of the world for you next hiking expedition, but the possibilities are endless.  With your help, we will create a full “TEAMS” (STEM & Arts) curriculum that can be used for after-school activities in the home and at the local libraries.

What are your passions and what goals have you set out to accomplish through teaching and education?

If you’re a “social media buff,” Garysburg Library can use your help getting the word out about it’s opening and value in the community.

If you’re a “writer,” IERN WILL has gained donations from the Institute for Excellence in Writing and could use your feedback on their tools.

If you’re a “health buff,” IERN WILL is dedicated to promoting overall wellness through physical activity and healthy eating.

If you’ve got a “green thumb,” we need you as we partner with organizations and small businesses interested in connecting youth back to the earth.
If you’re an “engineer,” IERN WILL welcomes you to walk The Holistic Engineering Education (THEE) Path also since all teachers are engineers!
If you’re a “cosmopolitan,” (not the cocktail!) get involved in some of the international projects and initiatives that could use your help.
I’d like to suggest that you make sure you identify and can effectively share and communicate to families, administrators and students the tremendous wealth of resources (your knowledge and passions) can offer students. We all know there are some things, no matter the demographic, that learners need to know to be competitive in a global society.  Share what you believe those are with IERN WILL and with each other while you’re prepping your units in Garysburg Library on the weekends!   But please, don’t forget to share your passions and the goals have you set to ensure the students of Northampton County are provided high-quality units all year long?

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