Cs of THEE Path: Cultural Clarity and Confidence

As a rookie entrepreneur my priority is to provide superior services and products to those correctly identified as ideal clients.

This means having impeccable Cultural Clarity: I think it helps a lot to know the needs of the people you’re are interested in serving, but first, know who you are. To know your limits for managerial purposes as a “boss” is one thing. Yet, until I was able to identify that my sole purpose for IERN WILL, people would always only “kinda” get the point.  IERN WILL is in the business of skillfully building relationships within communities amongst all stakeholders that are dedicated to creating the kinds of opportunities necessary to build sustainable communities. 

This calls for a multifaceted approach, a journey of sorts, that resulted in the 6Cs of The Holistic Engineering Education (THEE) Path.  As identified in the 4Cs of Learning and Innovation skills there are some fundamental qualities considered necessary for learners in the 21st Century. As I wrote in “An Engineering Kind of Mind,” however, there’s another C that learners must possess to be effective learners & competitive in a global economy: CONFIDENCE. 

IERN WILL serves high-poverty regions and recognizes that confidence follows experiential opportunities that exhibits ones abilities to effectively fulfill a given tasks. In other words, give learners an opportunity to prove to themselves that they can indeed “use what you know to find out the stuff you don’t know.”  Remember, to create these kinds of opportunities for the learners and learning communities there has to first be cultural clarity. This helps us maintain relevance and allows the learner to identify ways in which they may be able to apply their own knowledge to engineer a solution for themselves or their community.  By working towards solving a problem students build confidence and recognize the value of team work with the help of the other 4Cs: collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.  

IERN WILL wants Northampton County, North Carolina and the Roanoke Valley to serve as a model of the kinds of opportunities we can create, together as a community to improve learning outcomes. 4Cs + 2Cs = 6Cs of (THEE) The Holistic Engineering Education Path.


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