To The Change Leaders in Education: IERN WILL for Engineering Education

ImageIERN WILL Educational Consulting and Resource Advisory Services works to ensure that our unique network and curriculum options will drive innovation, improve education, and promote wellness for high-poverty and post-industrial communities globally.  The objective is to make resource sharing and high quality enrichment programs more accessible to learners using holistic engineering education that will inspire life-long learning.  IERN WILL Co-founder, L. Williams, draws the connections between engineering and classroom management in “An Engineering Kind of Mind,” published on The International Association for K-12 Online Learning’s (iNACOL)Competency Works site

Substantial work has been done with school districts and municipalities in the rural North Carolina, USA region in an effort to ensure that there is access to interesting and engaging resources.  We solicit the help of community stakeholders in an effort to provide opportunities that will help foster economic vitality and future sustainability, because we can only do this together, as a community. IERN WILL, is dedicated to providing teacher-centered training for student-centered learning and believes that the use of engineering education promotes both the growth and champion mindsets for students, educators, and families that are dealing with the effects of poverty.

ImageThe Engineering Design process is cyclical and puts far more emphasis on the process than the outcome.  IERN WILL has teamed with Teach for America corp teachers of Northampton County, NC in an effort to improve relationships between teacher, families and other stakeholders in the community. By working relentlessly to ensure that we are utilizing the passions of the educators within your learning community, IERN WILL will model how engineering education is the way to give students the confidence to solve real world problems.

For instance, students that have utilized lessons from IERN WILL’s engineering-infused curriculum for Kindergartners,  identify “Engineering for Everyday Life” with something as simple as creating a meal from raw materials.  Consuming fruits or veggies not only solve the problem of a growling stomach or hunger, but also help address the health disparities of north eastern North Carolinians.  It is practical solutions for relevant problems that use hands-on (or e-learning/model simulation) activities that expose learners to engineering design principles. This is all done while connecting to lessons in content areas of literacy, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and science.

IERN WILL seeks to be that model for those in high-poverty regions. We exemplify “if there’s a will, there is indeed a way to reach your goals.”  This is done by working closely with educators to provide what we call “cultural clarity“; as many educators are new to the region and have not worked closely with youth and families in poverty. We know that to motivate students and young adults living in poverty to value their education we have to provide them with ample affordable opportunities to see how life-long learning can improve their lives. IERN WILL trusts that a collaborative effort with your learning community will help us package and engineering education program sure to empower and educate learners in high poverty regions globally by addressing equity, engagement, and economic development.
Please let us know how we might be able to move forward in a venture that can exhibit the awesome work that your learning community is doing while helping IERN WILL shape our Holistic Engineering Education movement.

LaToya Williams, Co-founder and Executive Director

IERN WILL Educational Consulting and Resource Advisory Services
Inevitably Evolving and Revolutionary by Necessity While Inspiring Life-long Learning (IERN WILL)
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