We’re Live & On The Air!


There aren’t a lot of things that I could think of that could be more exciting than having the opportunity to invest in my community by ensuring our voices are heard.  Thanks to the AWESOME guys at The Hardware Store, I’ll not only be able to speak to the things that matter to me; but those “Letters to Change Leaders” will turn into “Videos to Change Leaders” also!  Every voice matters, so let us know what will make a difference in your neighborhood.  If you aren’t a writer, we can work with you on that.  But more than the ability to write well, we want people that are willing to share what they are passionate about.  Many often feel that there is something missing; maybe it’s resources, additional support, or more opportunities.  Unfortunately, the ability to “afford” something gets mistaken with “entitlement.”  No matter what your socioeconomic  status is, we all deserve high quality enrichment programming that ensures all learners within the community are equipped to be competitive and sustainable within our global economy.  Too often we feel as if we’ve been robbed of that.  Now is your time to let you voice be heard!

Come check me and…


out on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. 

We’ll Be Going Live! 

Carrick Community Day
“It Takes A Community
Wednesday, June 11th 2014
Phillip’s Field 3:00 – 7:00
For additional details contact:

Maria Orton
Chemistry Teacher/Community Day Chairperson
Pittsburgh Carrick High School
125 Parkfield Street
Pittsburgh PA 15210
Phone: 412-885-7700


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