I had a blast with Freedom Radio’s debut. We were about to cover so much information about our initiatives and plans for the 2014 IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tour. The ISIS Tour is an opportunity to help connect the dots as we are “putting the pieces back together.” Freedom Radio is all about unity, positivity, and wellness. Check out our first show in the series!

If you want to fast forward a bit, here are some timestamps:
1:45 What is the world is a #SelfieBomb anyway?
7:00 Learn more about The Hardware Store and what they do!
10:20 What is the 2014 ISIS Tour all about?
11:00 Why Holistic Engineering Education and Engineering Habits of Mind matter so much.
14:00 Why creativity matters…
16:30 What are the 4Cs of learning and innovation skills?
17:40 IERN WILL’s inspiration from the Roanoke Valley.
19:15 Stressors in the community and the effects.
20:00 How does Josh Lucas define community?
23:15 How IERN WILL defines community…
24:00 What were those 6Cs?
24:56 “Calling all Change Leaders!”
27:00 Getting past class prejudice and forward thinking.
31:50 We catch up with Ms. Yvette Shipman
38:00 Shout out to TeenBloc and A+ Schools!
42:00 We chat with the new principal of Carrick, Ms. Angel Washington!


Freedom Radio at the 1st Annual Carrick Community Day

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