Holistic Reflections Along the 2014 IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tour

“Nature often holds up a mirror so we can see more clearly the ongoing processes of growth, renewal, and transformation in our lives.” – Mary Ann Brussat


As a premier “touter” of Holistic Engineering Education, emphasis on the Holistic, I would be remiss to simply dismiss the value of connecting with nature. My walks in nature always provide an opportunity to draw connections between observations in nature and where we are in our life. A mirror to our soul. IERN WILL Educational Consulting & Resource Advisory Services works to create pathways to higher quality learning opportunities for success. The work that is done through our community initiatives, curriculum development services, and resources advising all mirrors a value system, our leadership, and desired outcomes for the communities we serve. While we strive to be that bridge inadequacies to efficiencies; our community stakeholders, each of you, make the way so much brighter.

Today’s walk was a beautiful reflection of how I work to be the light along the 2014 IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tour. My only hope is that this work helps put the pieces of an often forgotten, yet beautiful, landscape of individuals back together. Join me.


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