Another Letter to the Change Leaders

Dear Change Leader:

Keeping in mind that children’s surface behaviors and preconceptions about them can mask important potential; it’s important to consider the needs of a child and a group of children based on experiences and knowledge they’ve acquired both in and outside of the classroom. It is also important that educators, knowledgeable about the families and children they teach, work collaboratively to ensure the highest quality education that models the 4Cs of Learning and Innovation Skills: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. It is also important to consider what makes a confident learner. Our confidence guides all of our interactions. I wrote a little about it in the article Engineering Kind of Mind.”

The folks that I’ve been able to connect with are also dedicated to educating through their passions. What makes an educator “highly-qualified” is their willingness to continue to learn how to best engage others in an area of their own passions. With their mastery they skillfully are making the necessary connections to the passions of others. Our students need high quality programming, but they also need to be well loved and fed. That’s what makes the work I do “holistic.” Learners must have access to tools that will assist in making them globally competitive while making learning relevant with the use of real-world applications. That too builds the confidence to continue, despite adversity and the absence of instant gratification. The goal is to align with organizations that work well for IERN WILL’s direction and current partnerships in the region.

So with the Live Stream coming up at “The Hardware Store” I’m really trying to set the stage for what “The Holistic Engineering Education Path” (THEEPath) is about. The Engineering Design Process gives you the steps to take to approach solutions effectively and considering others ethically and while thinking critically. I’ve been working to identify ways in which we can galvanize stakeholders behind the idea of creating multiple pathways to success for everyone. I’ll leave my links and and welcome chats about our shared goal of working collaboratively to improve the quality of education for all learners.


L. Williams

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