What Would Dr. Martin Delany Do?

IERN WILL Educational Consulting & Resource Advisory Services seeks to help the regions we serve holistically. Having gained so much experience in Pittsburgh, & as a proponent of the Engineering Education for All; I’m left to ask, “What can I do to help give back the region that have given so much to me?” The answer is available to me by understanding History; so, I’m left to seek answered based on the successes of my predecessors. Having done my research, I’m left to ask What Would Dr. Delaney Do?


Positively Pittsburgh Episode 51 stated that “1843 Mystery Newspaper published in downtown Pittsburgh on Hand street ( near Liberty and Penn Avenue by Martin Delaney must be considered as the most vital link in the Underground Railroad. The newspaper defined for the railroad exact locations, names and directions for the conductors engaged in the most significant movement from Slavery. Delaney also provided medical treatment for Pittsburghers inflicted with cholera and other blood related diseases. In 1845 the Mystery Newspaper was the one and only paper which covered the Great Fire of 1845 in Pittsburgh. Delaney’s leadership role assisted in the formation of secret societies who physically helped runaway slaves, freedmen and other abolitionist move an entire people from bondage.” He is considered the grandfather of Black Nationalism.


So if we are interested in knowing “What would Delany do?” He would say to be sure to think for yourself and despite the adversities you face, remain committed to sharing your skills and providing resources where they were needed the most and never lower your expectations. Check out this Pittsburgh History Clip on Dr. Martin Delaney.


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