The Key to Quality Education: YOU


It was great to have the opportunity to attend the panel discussion on “Schools that Work.” It was really awesome to be surrounded by people who want to know, in the words of Rep. Wheatley, “How do we make quality schools happen for everyone?”

My goal is to provide solutions to that question. While I trust that engineering education for all students if pivotal in shaping how students are learning, I know nothing can happen without YOU!

yes you!

I help families and organizations in rural and post-industrial communities create a legacy of globally competitive learners by pairing workforce development and community supports to deliver high-quality holistic learning resources. As an engineer by discipline, and educator by default, I’m a firm believer that engineering education will help us design a community ecosystem in which we all can benefit and prosper. But it takes utilizing those same 21st century learning and innovation skills that we are looking to share with learners. Whether it’s 4Cs or 6Cs, the jargon is irrelevant, but pledging to be a part of the holistic learning process matters the most.


I trust that by aligning the 100+ Change Leaders that were present for Dr. Howard L Fuller’s speech, we can create an infrastructure for learning that will help our entire communities win. (Speaking of winning, help Dr. Fuller win that contest & Go follow him on Twitter!).


Building sustainable communities by “putting the pieces back together” is why our mobile youth outreach and empowerment initiative, the 2014 IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tour was created. If you agree with Mr. Rogers and me, then take the pledge and be the heroes we’ve been waiting on. No more waiting for Superman right?

Identify your passions and share them. Part of the #12Challenge was to identify “What Matters to You?” Your work is not in vain and I’d like to see how we can continue to collaborate to ensure that learning happens everywhere. Quality education can happen for everyone! It starts with YOU! Call today, add us on facebook, twitter, instagram or simply email at iernwilltutors [at] gmail [dot] com. We are always interested in hearing the answers to: “What Does Community Mean to You?” so if you’re interested in joining us on Freedom Radio, we want to hear from you!


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