Another #EYEIIEYE Inspiration: Teachable Tune Tuesday

Because one major thing that I’ve learned is true Holistic Engineering Education = Balance.

The best educators are identifying the ways learners perform their best.  That’s also why parents are great teachers when they’ve really gotten to know their child.

Dr. Joe Shepard’s latest literary work Eye II Eye – The tale of a Shepard and the King has served as a reminder of the need for balance in personal and professional relationships.  I am currently working with an EXTREMELY active homeschooled 2nd grader. Her fear of not knowing makes her a master at creating distractions. Her passion to want to learn shows up as tears of frustration. But her successes come when I listen closely (often NOT to what’s been said, but what her actions reveal). So, sometimes reading time will ABSOLUTELY HAVE to be a “carpet time” activity.

The lesson for all of us here:

Sometimes it really is important to “just listen.” 

So take a listen to today’s “Teachable Tune Tuesday” – Inspired by Eye II Eye – The Take of a Shepard and the King by Dr. Joe Shepard.


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