Inspired by #EYEIIEYE: A Quick Lesson on Successful People

Some people are great navigators.

Some people are wonderful nurturers.

Successful people do both.

I already mentioned that every learner needs a StartUp Weekend, but they also need a good book to help them navigate. Every situation and circumstances are provided to help us identify with our very best Selves. Dr. Joe Shepard’s latest literary work Eye II Eye has me on edge about the December 19th release.  I’ve had the fortune to read Eye II Eye and I have no doubt that Eye II Eye – A Tale of a Shepard and the King will help those interested in engineering a life they don’t want to escape.  We value Eye II Eye because we are committed to helping create multiple pathways to success. With a StartUp Weekend and a book like Eye II Eye as a guide, the only question you’ll have to really as yourself is “What’s Next?!” Always remember, you are the key!


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