What’s the IEP for “Hood Disease”?

I recently read how K-12 can help learners who need learning modifications transition to college. Many students have an Individualized Education Plan that helps them access the tools they need to be successful.

So it had me thinking about the discussion of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder within communities, which had previously been coined “Hood Disease.” I’ve previously expressed my feelings about the label, and fully recognize there are several significant sources of stress that range from personal safety, to health, and financial stability.

The solutions to dealing with effects of stress and properly preparing our youth to cope aren’t that much different from the discussion on “learning disabilities.”  Including utilize all the assistive technology available, but more importantly, being advocates for themselves.

  A community member brought this quote to my attention:


The Holistic Engineering Education Path is guided by LOVE. Our role in addressing the needs of all learners through engineering education means; taking the intricacies of their experience into account, and helping them identify multiple pathways on their personal journey to success.  Relationships are foundational to the impact we have on our children and their ability to cope within their environments.

Every single one of us is “The Key!” 

yes you!

Our Individualized Education Plan starts with love, focuses on relationships, and is driven by the desire to see economically vital and sustainable communities.  I recognize, appreciate and love the beauty, awesome resource, and indescribable potential of our Earth and the people therein. Because of that IERN WILL strives to always focus their relationships and research-driven practices, to deliver high quality, engaging, socially and fiscally responsible, resource advisory services. Our training and enrichment programs that are created along with the rural and post-industrial communities we serve. The community’s goals become our goals and our expectations are to drive innovation and improve education while promoting wellness.


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