Teachable Moment 4: Breath and WordPress

The Holistic Engineering Education Path is all about travel!

Give yourself an opportunity to visit your future self. Get to know who you already are and are yet to become.

Don’t be the one that’s…


It’s ok, we forget sometimes. But that’s why we share and utilize the teachable moments of those around us. It’s necessary for everyone’s success that we’re learning together.

That’s why collaboration is so valuable as we seek to transfer and shift the culture into something we’re proud of. Something that expresses our values and commitment to the sustainability of our future and the quality of life and education.


Unaware that it’s okay to take a break; I had to offer myself an apology.


Apologize for missing yoga with SAAPYA and be thankful for getting in regular exercise.

Apologize for not remembering who you were, but get right back to reminding yourself.

Read what you wrote to yourself about yourself.

Writing is remembering

So in the case I’m overwhelmed by the fact that I left this handy dandy notebook, at home…


Run to the nearest wifi or Carnegie Library and hop on WordPress. Save your thoughts and lessons.

Take a deep breath, and work at being a non-reactive human being.

That’s what I learned, and your breath reminds your body who’s in control…

You are sovereign…



Plus it’s really cool to see other teachers understand the value also.


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