Teachable Moment 5: Nature’s Success Model

If there’s anything I’ve learned about the “dormancy of Winter.”  Is that you have to take yourself away from the elements when it’s the coldest.  I read somewhere that it takes Sun for a Butterfly to be able to fly.   And all other animals either migrate, hibernate, or adapt in the Winter months.

In adapting to the surroundings we will have to be able to survive in the harshest of climates.  Being in the season where food is scarcest, some animals just say they’ll ‘sleep this one off.’ They store their energy, put on a little weight and stay cozy. I see why…

There are some lessons you can gather from Winter:

Lesson 1: There’s no rush


Lesson 2: Just like in entrepreneurship, some things are worth waiting for.


Lesson 3: Whether we know it or not, there’s a reason to the “madness”


The important thing to remember that, even when it’s difficult to share regularly or “show and prove” that you are a success, winter reminds us that “growth happens.”  Even in the “dormancy of winter” plants and hibernating animals are alive and well.

And well, on the road to success, it’s okay to just…


There are multiple pathways to success, and multiple speeds at which to take them.

Choose wisely!


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