Holistic Education to Prevent Early Death

I don’t tell you about breathing and writing because it’s a fad.

I don’t tell you about learning from nature because it’s trendy.

I don’t tell you about the times I wrote letters to “Change Leaders” for recognition.

I don’t tell you all that I learned over the cold months of Winter just for fun.

I do this because I’m a Holistic Entrepreneur that has seen over the last 13 years what Technology and the Human Condition can do if merged holistically.

That simply results in people being “delivert!” from the things that are so commonly killing us.

Including the food we eat.

The brain is so important.

There’s a lot to having a little.

Everyone needs to fully understand this, so take heed, and understand that “Health is Wealth.”

How we eat is related to how we function and interact with each other. The Holistic Engineering Education Path is about being a model for those who are like me, ambitious, determined, and from one of the most impoverished regions in America with fewer resources than our more affluent counterparts.

The hope is to help people really see that they can use human engineering to open up opportunities for themselves.

Paired with transformational leadership of community members interested in using systems engineering to share what works within communities that’s both academically rigorous and culturally relevant, will make the world of difference for our poorest communities.

It’s why we have the IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tour.  To come together to improve and to ensure the culture is both shifted and transferred.

It may even reduce crime rates, it’s worth a try.

Here is my list of six “criminal preventatives:” via Sunwarrior

  1. Eliminate sugar (even raw cane sugar) and syrups like high-fructose corn syrup. No, fruit does not count as sugar!
  2. Read all packaging and don’t eat anything that sounds like a chemistry lesson.
  3. Eat healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocados.
  4. Have a wide selection of fresh vegetables throughout the day (and fruit!).
  5. Don’t touch processed or refined foods like white bread or white pasta.
  6. Eat whole grains and beans.

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