IERN Sharpens Iron Summit: Rigorous and Relevant

What does your legacy & digital footprint say about you? 

Our goal: identify ways to make high-quality opportunities that are academically rigorous and culturally relevant accessible to all, no matter the demographic.

IERN WILL trusts that a collaborative effort with various learning communities will help us package an engineering and arts focused education program to empower and educate learners in high poverty regions to “think globally and act locally.” To support a community of practice, the integration of multimedia is needed to reveal a shared commitment to global empowerment of all.

The 2015 IERN Sharpens Iron Summit tour is poised to bring working systems together to ensure that the “footprint” we leave resembles a legacy that we can be proud of because of its innovativeness, efficiency, and accessibility.  This Summer we’ll be outlining the 8 facets and foundational principals that all our curriculum development and initiatives are based upon.

With the use of Freedom Radio marketing tools we can engage community members around a model for goal setting and problem solving for those in high-poverty rural and post-industrial regions. Together we reveal that community supports are what it takes to reach your goals. An infrastructure of learning is created using 21st century tools of engagement and the principles of learning & innovation skills. Through photography, vlogging, workshops, and scheduled community tours; practitioners share how to motivate youth and young adults living in poverty to value education.

Take the pledge to show your commitment and help us identify answers to questions like:

  • “Who are the educators and professionals that can address the holistic needs for skill development?”
  • “What technologies are necessary to keep company commitments and community learning goals aligned for all stakeholders.”
  • “What will be the tools of engagement around creating learning communities for marginalized populations?”

Can’t wait to see you there!


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