Who is LaToya Monique?

L.M. Williams is the Executive Consultant for IERN WILL Educational Consulting.  A community based educational consulting firm dedicated to identifying and creating learning tools that are Inevitably Evolving & Revolutionary by Necessity, While Inspiring Lifelong Learning.

She’s worked with learners on the Autism Spectrum in reading literacy…

She’s founder of the Hairs to Your Health Campaign and Roanoke Valley’s “natural hair lady”

She’s sharing principals of engineering and design thinking with youth in the community…

She’s motivates learners who think “engineering is boring” to engineer solutions for their lives….

She ventures into unfamiliar territory in an effort to identify all the brilliance that exists to learn from…

She’s a mother that wants every parent entrepreneur to instill the principles of financial independence in their children…

She’s a holistic entrepreneur….

She’s challenging everyone who reads this post to BE THEIR VERY BEST, the least you’ll be is a Success

Trust me on this one…



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