What Einstein AND Relativity Teach You About Life

Now I know what that mean physic teacher at Science and Math meant when he said “Physics is Life.”

He was rude, but boy was he right.

Take the Law of relativity for instance. Formulated by Einstein, this UNIVERSAL LAW (pause for a moment and let that terminology sink in for a while…) suggests that the laws of physics are the same everywhere.  Wait…


Let’s rewind that.  There’s a law that has been accepted UNIVERSALLY to be true and states that the things acting on all objects in space and in time are the same.

You do know that you’re an object in space right? Right, ok. Moving on.

So, the other interesting notion about this physics principle is that everything is based on comparison. There are no such thing as “absolute” and everything we experience is based in relation to something else!  So, the way we think about our position will be how we analyze it and relate to those things we see around us or based on some arbitrary standard or reference point.

Am I the only one whose mind is blown?


Still not following? I’ll move on, or maybe I’ll let the creator of the theory give you some better insight than I can give.

Take it away Einstein! 


We know that there is some standard out there, that comes from who-knows-where, ultimately forcing us to think we have to compare ourselves and base our position and timing on said “random standard.”

Let’s think of relativity as it pertains to the learning measurements of students within neighborhoods where the gravity of their circumstances takes precedence over learning standards created by state boards of education. Often these are creators that are completely removed from (but potentially knowledgeable of) the needs, skills, resources (or lack thereof), and [in]accessibility of tools within the most impoverished and criminalized  regions of the United States.

Still not following me? Let me let Einstein explain it again.


Any object in a big gravity field is accelerating” and the gravity (so to speak) of the world many individuals with adverse childhood circumstances have been forced to live in make them to have to think longer, try harder, and grow up faster than others.  Ok, enough about relativity (or not since it’s ALL relative). But when will communities be responsible for setting the standard? When will communities declare what’s acceptable and not be manipulated by standards of those who aren’t committed to our economic vitality or sustainability? When we will really learn to be neighbors and take responsibility for the villages in which we live?   When will we make our personal standards and community standards the laws we live by?



2 thoughts on “What Einstein AND Relativity Teach You About Life

  1. You’d enjoy John Rawls, “A Theory of Justice,” if you’ve not read it already. Your thoughts and take on Einstein’s quotes above are embodied in Rawls’ justice construct.

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