Socially Driven, Community Focused


The IERN Sharpens Iron Summit is aligned to bring socially engaged organizations and entrepreneurs with a focus on marginalized communities together to be the Change Leaders they’ve been looking for.

We are a group of dedicated LEARNERS ensuring that our program design is both rigorous and relevant for those in need of accessible resources to pursue their passions. Keeping in mind our desire to lead a legacy of providing valuable learning tools in mind, and answering the question “What will our digital footprint say about us?”

The IERN Sharpens Iron Summit is dedicated to always asking the leading team, who are also grassroot leaders and professionals knowledgeable about the communities they serve:

1) “Who are the educators and professionals that can address the holistic needs for skill development?”
2) “What technologies are necessary to keep company commitments and community learning goals aligned for all stakeholders.”
3) “What will be the tools of engagement around creating learning communities for marginalized populations?”

I’m so sure this will truly be a gathering of Transformational Leaders that will surpass all others and set a precedence for all others to come! We’re a group of leaders, Learning how to change the world, by changing ourselves. We’re a group of lifelong learners, teaching and learning twice! With our collective intelligence, we are engineering multiple pathways for success for ourselves, our families, and our descendants for years to come.

Can’t wait to see you there! For more information, email:, add us on Facebook, or tweet #IERNSharpensIron on Twitter, or follow us on Instagram!

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