Have Some Tea, On Me: Creating a Learning Infrastructure


The IERN Sharpens Iron Summit is about Transformational Leadership that is socially driven and community focused.  We refuse to think that ¨if we build it, they will come” since the opposite has revealed itself to be true.  We are committed to putting the pieces back together and aligning the working systems in our community, in an effort to create a template for years to come.

¨Tea On Me” is an engineered solution that answers the question ¨What tools can be used to help leaders and learners identify the community supports and resources available for expanding their brand to a broader audience?¨ So, using ¨An Engineering Kind of Mind” the solution was to invite leaders and learners to have tea, on me.

IERN WILL is showcasing the newest addition to businesses on East Ohio Street (Northside of Pittburgh), Arnold’s Tea. Between May 1st and May 15th IERN WILL Educational Consulting & Resource Advisory Services will be offering ¨Tea On Me¨‬ sessions at Arnold’s Tea. We invite you to let everyone know about our plan to put the pieces back together and create a learning infrastructure, together as community.

This opportunity is open to students, small business owners, social entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders interested in being the Change Leaders they want to see. Never forget that The Key to quality education, is YOU.

Together we’ll identify ways to create economic vitality and sustainability, together as a community. And the Tea, is on me!

Slots will be available:
Sunday: 3PM – 6PM
M, W: 1PM – 6:30PM
T, Th:  By Appointment
Sat.: 3PM –  6PM

For more information, connect with IERN WILL on Facebook, Tweet #TeaOnMe to IERN WILL, connect with Executive Consultant on LinkedIn, Follow IERN WILL on Instagram, call IERN WILL 252.628.9455, or simply shoot an email to iernwilltutors@gmail.com.  You can also sign up on our website.


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