Why the IERN Sharpens Iron Summit?


My responsibility as a parent is to ensure that my two know there’s nothing too impossible if they try their best.  My work on “The Holistic Engineering Education Path” was designed to help them see how I become my best.  From the nutrient content on our plates, to the thoughts on which we allow ourselves to dwell, and the lotion we put on our body; all affect our productivity and ability to operate at our very best.

Being the “very best me” is impossible without the support of mentors and opportunity to learn from others. That’s what keeps you sharp, continuously learning and creating a legacy where learning can happen everywhere.  So given that just 150 years ago Africans in America and other enslaved Melanated Peoples were forbidden the opportunity to become literate, we have to utilize every opportunity to learn and join together.  It’s the only way we’ll become our best.


Photo courtesy of BOOM Concepts located 5139 Penn Ave (15224) View it on Facebook at http://bit.ly/BOOMLiteracyArt

When we accept that it’s all of our responsibility to change the world…

We’ll change ourselves, and we’ll be our very own Superheroes. – L. M. Williams 

So join in on the conversations regarding how to help create an infrastructure of learning. Whether it’s over tea, or over a meal at Conflict Kitchen on Friday June 19th and Saturday the 20th, or if we bump into each other at the farmers market, or hanging out around town; let’s figure out how the Change Leaders can be collaborating.  It was 11 months before I had the opportunity to join in on the Pittsburgh’s Juneteenth: Martin R. Delany Fest event that I wrote, “What Would Martin Delany Do?” I have no doubt he would ensure Pittsburgh was better than he found it.  Juneteenth Kick-off at Conflict Kitchen is my attempt to have the solution oriented conversations on engineering a life we don’t want to escape. Everyone’s welcomed!

Friday, June 20th 11 – 6 PM and Saturday June 20th 11 – 6PM with community conversation at Noon.  

juneteenth banner

More opportunities to get involved: sign-up here


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