2015 IERN Sharpens Iron Summit: Creating Learning Infrastructures

Over the last year the push has been towards ensuring that I was being intentional in helping my daughters and mother see the fruits of their labor. My mother, “Nana” to the girls, has been the one that engineered the culture that has served as the foundation to the work I do. “Just Be Your Very Best” and one remember that you’re “Not Better Than Anyone”. That’s why the four of us are teaming up to do what we’re passionate about. Together we will share our passions to create the kind of opportunities we want all people to have. Stress levels within a community depend heavily on where communities rate with regards to the equity, economic development, and education. Continuous education is foundational in creating a sustainable future and a necessity to help learners of all ages in the pursuit of their passions.
Over the last month I’ve worked with passionate local culinary artists IGH 412 Catering​, Cheyanne Bronzell, Catering & Phat Girlz A Cookin, LLC​, Indulge​, Church Cheesecakes​,and Day La Soul Catering, Chatham Food Studies Masters candidate Malik Hamilton, and independent culinary artist Ngai Wharff who flew in from Trinidad to be a part of the IERN  Chefs and put together a fabulous menu that COMPLETELY SOLD OUT. June 19th marked the 150th Anniversary of Juneteenth and with #WouldntBeJuneteenth without having a ball with the #IERNChefs and fabulous food.

IERN Chefs group photo

We even celebrated the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Juneteenth at Arnold’s Tea. All week long folks strolling down East Ohio get a quick lesson on the history of the with the chalkboard outside. Along with the Lunch Hour at Conflict Kitchen, there will be a High Tea at Arnold’s Tea with the sYOUper FLY social group.


“sYOUper Fly is sYouper FLY! is the “sister group” to It’s a Natural Thang. This is the place to discuss all things fabYOUlous: Hair, nails, skin care, make up, fashion, shoes , jewels, fitness, fragrance and all things bYOUtiful! Although this is a sister group to It’s A Natural Thang, you don’t have to be a member of that group to be a member of this one.

Stay connected with our newsletter. Join us as we write letters to Change Leaders and have tea together to get an opportunity to learn and grow together.  Be sure to stop byManchester Growing Together Garden Dedication as we work to nurture and grow the food to properly master our passions through continuous learning.

Manchester Garden

I look forward to learning how we can help all of the Change Leaders within our community expand your personal and business brands.  Thanks for all of the support along “The Holistic Engineering Education Path,” engineering my life and ensuring it’s one I don’t want to escape.  You Are The Key to the Succes of the 2014 IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tour and the 2015 IERN Sharpens Iron Summit.  The Juneteenth Lunch Hour is bound to bring some key solutions as IERN WILL debuts their recent Engineering and Arts collaboration for our TEAMS Curriculum.


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