If People Were Planets: A Public Poem

if people were planets,

they’d appreciate physics

they’d treat each other

with the same reverence given to “Self”

on its own axis and rotating at its personal best

there would be no quarreling of the alignment,

or retrogrades, or length of stays.

if people were like planets,

they’d just stay their lane

allowing the natural path that is created

based on the gravitational pull of the other planets

while of course,

doing your own thing at your own pace.

If people were planets the stories of the stars

would be all you listened to…

Oh but…
Wait, that is what people do. “Stars” are exactly what keeps people giving all their time & resources to Time Warner, DISH, Hulu, Youtube.  People spend tremendous amounts of time and financial resources to endorse, invest in, or converse about the “stars”.  But what lessons, written in the stars, could we learn about interacting with each other.

That’s why the “Letter to Change Leaders” campaign will ensure that I’m writing and reading about the stars in my life.  My two daughters, with whom I want to have built a legacy that reminds everyone around us:

We value leaving everything we commit ourselves to better than we found it.

Every Single  Planet


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