Teachable Moments: These Are My Confessions.

The Transformational Leadership Conference‘s model of community engagement has accelerated the success of the IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tour since 2014. Not to mention, the expertise of Dr. Joe Shepard shared through his literary work “Eye II Eye: A Tale of A Shepard and a King” got rave reviews from me!


Thanks to the work of Sakinah Davis, Irene O. Bartko Award recipient, for making her vision of supporting women come true.  The Hairs To Your Health Campaign is all about just that.  


The Artist League is about to unveil the line-up of “Teaching Artists” working to ensure that our TEAMS engineering-infused curriculum is also embedded with the Arts. #STEAMEd

I had so much fun co-developing and unpacking Higher Living Inc.’s Leadership and Engineering Academy Program at King of Kings Baptist Ministries.

Thanks to S Group, I had a chance to work with the awesome staff at Gwen’s Girls and unpack the “Think(ing) Critical(ly)” curriculum.

I’m building up my stamina for all the upcoming “Tea, On Me” sessions with social entrepreneurs, engineers and artists. The collaborations will be phenomenal and was made possible by a Neighbor-to-Neighbor Grant from The Sprout Fund in partnership with the Buhl Foundation.

The ongoing support from The Hardware Store always makes for awesome teachable moments. Hopefully a win at SW Civic will provide additional financial support for the really dope podcasts and more smiling faces.

My work to develop a standard operating procedure for identifying community resources has connected me with the brightest in the world. The Holistic Engineering Education Path is the way and “You Are The Key.


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