Your Purpose: Creating Sustainable Communities, Strategic Partnerships.

I caught myself reflecting, on my day off, about a my role within strategic partnerships.  Theses, dynamic partnerships of mine, have led to tremendous growth and sent me progressing by leaps and bounds.  However, I found that I was using this wealth of knowledge I gained to focus on ways to better manage my partners’ project, hence improving their project outcomes.  

Most would say, “that’s precisely what you’re supposed to do!” And as a consultant, I’d have to agree. But within a strategic partnership compartmentalizing your skill set from your purpose will keep you from the perpetual brain drain.

These weren’t just shared projects, I’m mulling over, on my off days.  These are projects that they’ve identified as aligned to their business goals. This assessment of where you fit in happens naturally as you build your business relationship. Building strategic partnerships take a level of professional intimacy that allows for all partners to share their goals, projects, and timeline with you. However, investing a inefficient amount to make adjustments to help them isn’t effective.

You have to decide, within every strategic partnership, if projects are mutually beneficial to your and aligned to your purpose.


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