4 Things Successful Solopreneurs Know

I’ve had the opportunity to grow professionally over years of doing business in the non-profit, research, educational, and community development spheres.  This breadth of experience has allowed me to fully understand why solopreneurs persist and what we can learn from them.

  1. Successful Solopreneurs have defined success for themselves:
    1. Your standards of success doesn’t matter.  What a solopreneur stays true to is their responsibilities to themselves.  Although many have defined “self accountability” to also include their loved ones.  So the world in which a solopreneur lives is the only one that exists.  Everyone looking to  enter it should adjust accordingly.  Which bring me to,
  2. Successful Solopreneurs know themselves:
    1. Being successful comes from having a clear focus on your dreams and the steps needed to be taken to achieve them.  This is how they come to master business partnerships.  Once a solopreneur has taken time to really know themselves, they can be more efficient with the relationships they choose to have.  Which brings me to another point,
  3. Successful Solopreneurs value cultivating strategic partnerships:
    1. By knowing yourself well enough, you can quickly identify where personality trait differences will occur.  The most successful of solopreneurs would be willing to offer genuine feedback while making the necessary adjustments for personality differences.  Remember every solopreneur operates as their own solar system, but the most successful respect each other’s rotation.  Which brings me to the final point,
  4. Succesful Solopreneurs value sound investments:
    1. By respecting the pace that both you and your partner have to take, you are always considering how other opportunities can be cultivated.  Opportunities don’t just arise, they’re created.  Being successful as a solopreneur means valuing every person within your network enough to always have something useful to offer.  Whether a service or a product, make it useful. Make the things you invest your time and energy in useful.  Time spent angry, frustrated, and doubtful take away from the time it takes to cultivate a sound partnership.

So stop wasting your resources on investments that aren’t aligned to your purpose. Make sure the partnerships you create are with people who know themselves and their purpose.  Addressing “what makes you cry” can help better understand your motivations and interests.  By creating, together, a shared vision of what success looks like, solopreneurs can begin to reevaluate the value systems they’ve implemented.  The way we measure success may change from project to project.  But all successful solopreneurs should also value the kind of experience that people get while working with you.  My desire is for people to fully understand that they are The Key.


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