The 12-Day Exit Strategy: Connected Learning Implemented

Considering that “there’s a lot to having a little,” our educational consulting approach is always holistic.  From curriculum alignment to lesson planning, IERN WILL Educational Consulting has designed a learning model that taps into the collective knowledge of the community. IERN WILL values group economics, and efficiently builds relationships with professionals and solopreneurs in the community, who are essential to creating sustainable neighborhoods. IERN WILL’s, Executive Consultant, has 12 days to get community partners to take the pledge.


12 days to share that IERN WILL’s holistic engineering education path takes preventative measures against early death by helping parents and other educators understand the personal responsibility to foster an awareness of personal, financial and environmental health within their learner. Those willing to commit to supporting holistic growth of learners should email now.  


12 days to identify the best digital learning tools to offer in conjunction with  creative  programming and event planning. The proper alignment of all three will be pivotal in transferring a culture of health and wealth building to future generation.  12 days to continue sharing values of health through lessons on diet, nutrition, reproductive health, and non-toxic living.  12 days to continue learning values around money. Steps to financial wellness have to be taken while focusing on remaining debt free through adulthood and making wise emotional and financial investments.  12 days to help people remember that environmental wellness comes only when we return to appreciating the source of all our amenities and resources. All are courtesy of planet Earth.


Collaborations with other small business owners in the IERN WILL network serve to build bridges to otherwise inaccessible resources. Professionals committed to improving wellness outcomes, are “The Key” to creating a strong learning infrastructure.  Contact L. M Williams, Executive Consultant, about contributing to making learning tools accessible, engaging and culturally competent.


Our curriculum design methodology provides learners and stakeholders the value of blueprints & budgets.  We create systems that work by  sharing teachable moments & showing learning communities how to create meaningful connections to stakeholders who are committed to improving learning outcomes.  By teaming with youth providers, non-traditional educators, and school communities dedicated to ensuring high quality enrichment, opportunities to learn and grow flourish.


We work to ensure training sessions are are available and accessible to learners of varying need. With the IERN WILL network are community professionals willing to build a digital footprint that shows community-driven support of an infrastructure for learning. With the use of a guide, provided by the Remake learning playbook, IERN WILL Educational Consulting works to fulfill Governor Hunt’s dream of a working together to create a legacy of leadership.  Contact L. M Williams, Executive Consultant, with you interest in contributing to engineering a life we don’t want to escape.  


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