Day 1 of 12: Connected Learning Implemented

Connected learning has been, and will always be, about establishing a routine that fits best for community stakeholders interested in building a learning infrastructure.  That often means we have to break down silos that exists within schools and in business. Solopreneurs value strategic partnerships that can lead to efficient learning tools for workforce development within marginalized communities.

Over the next 12 days, IERN WILL’s Executive Consultant will share the methodologies for implementing a sound connected learning plan.  IERN WILL recognizes “THEE Path” as a tool for addressing the multifaceted needs that exist within under-served communities.   Day 1 has revealed a need to refer back to the first step of the engineering design process (EDP) and Change Leader Letter number 3.  The EDP requires us to ask questions to help define problems and ways to solve.  By including “Ask” into your daily routine, you’ll find your brain and focus will draw you closer improved solutions.

Ask yourself, your team, your classrooms: “What are you interested in accomplishing through your efforts today?”  That questions will send your brain on a mission to seek answers continuously until a satisfactory response is provided. Similar to Change Leader Letter number 7.   This will ultimately force you to knock on every door that you think will get you closer to your goals.  While I had the opportunity to continue proposal writing for upcoming Pittsburgh collaborations, I also bumped into a cool project from fellow Tartans.   A project that understands, much like IERN WILL’s Executive Consultant does, that “problem-solving is first a battle of confidence.

On to Day 2.


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