Day 2 of 12: Connected Learning Implemented

It’s Day 2 of my 12-Day Exit Strategy.  This is my push to move from the “planning” step in the engineering design process, to “creating”.   Not sure if you’ve had a chance to read about Day 1,  or today’s Letter to Change Leader (Number 12).  However, the lessons are similar; on the path to implementation, establish a routine.

There is a lot of “newness,” and at times, ambiguity about applying a theory or process in “real-time”.  The implementation process could even lead to some rejection.  But what’s most important about establishing a routine, particularly while working towards full implementation of a process, is that you can set the standard for success as “following through.”

Setting a routine sets your accountability measures on efforts and not outcomes.  As you continue to listen, try your best, focus, and put yourself first; all that is left is for you to “show up.”  Be present along the process; fully aware and open to all the lessons that you can learn along the way.  Even the lessons found in the strangest places.

You already understand the value of using what you know to find out what you don’t, and you are already a success.  All that is left is that you develop a routine that will help you move towards creating the life you don’t want to escape.  Be accountable to yourself. Set yourself up for success. Don’t ever doubt your worth or the value of your purpose.

Award your efforts, and the reward will follow.


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