What I Learned From Alex Portis

On January 4th, I cuddled close to my favorite up-and-coming culinary artists, my 8 and 9 year olds and learned about far more than pies.

This picture, taken from the Youth of The Mount’s Facebook page, shows a smiling 12 year old Alex.  I shared this on my personal page just minutes before it started to see if my “IERN Chefs” were tuning in.


But I came to learn that there’s nothing more valuable to intergenerational connections and digital learning.  When asked about how he was able to make such a tasty pie (that led to a top 3 finish by the way) and using the weaving technique for his crust: he contributed his learning to recipes that had been passed down and YouTube.

While we were all celebrating seeing passionate youth having a awesome platform like Food Network to showcase their talents, the lesson Alex taught me “reigns supreme”. We have to value sharing learning with our elders.  We have to continue to share what we know using mediums that young learners access.  Digital learning can help us re-create a culture  where learning matters.  A culture where following your passions means doing your own research and tapping into the collective knowledge of the community to perform your best.

That, more than anything, was the message that I shared with my two up-and-coming culinary artists.  It was my responsibility to those two who were looking at Mr. Alex, in a position they’d too love to be in, to share that it was his ability to listen and try his best that got him where he was.

I hope you were listening to those goodies he was serving in addition to that pie.  Awesome work Alex!




4 thoughts on “What I Learned From Alex Portis

  1. Are you saying Alex was the third contestant left? I hope my man takes the cake…. Awful spoiler if that’s what just happened. #teamalexportis

    • I have only been able to watch the first episode. This is totally not a spoiler, yet I heard he was still going strong. I’m rooting for him. Let me know if you find out his status! #teamalexportis

  2. I’ve been watching from the b e ginning and Alex touch my heart , I don’t know what it is about him but I was so saddened we hen I think he was wrongfully removed .I didn’t agree with the judging system. But it is what it is and Alex is a star in many eyes and I s is him well in what ever road he travels. God Bless You Alex.

  3. My son Alex has always been a very observant child. He really did learn to bake from his Nana at age 4. Since then if anyone made something that he liked he would ask them to show him. That included his 90 year old aunt. Everyone loved the time and attention he took with them. He is blessed and a blessing. Thank you for believing in him!

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