Crossing the “Pittsburgh Bridge” to Parenthood

Parent Mantra 1: How you start, is how you finish.


So dream big and deliver big.

For the first 22 days of the year, I was able to write letters to my two Change Leaders. In preparation to deliver big on a 22 year-old dream of equity in education, I realized I had to “practice what I preach.” While I was preparing for the “Pittsburgh Bridge” there were bridge repairs needed between my daughters and myself.

Those Change Leader Letters, written as a toolkit for my daughters, had to be my own guiding principals.

Shortly after my 8 year old celebrated her December 30th birthday,  I expressed to her a my newest revelation regarding the purpose of parenthood. All of my work, done away from them, was an effort to see equity in education, become my best self, and create the pattern for success for my two change leaders.  I had to be careful that my messaging was that no matter what they put their mind to, if they could think it, they could achieve it.

One thing was certain though, I hit the ground running in 2016.  Fearlessly, connecting dots in hopes of creating a learning infrastructure that supported the “Pittsburgh Bridge.”  My visions and plans to help my daughters engineer a life they didn’t want to escape was finally coming together.

But more and more I was realizing the need for balance.


How was I supposed to balance life away from my daughters as I work endlessly to develop learning strategies that combine digital messages, carefully crafted lessons with meaningful conversations?

While leaving family behind is much like leaving a portion of your soul, whatever I did, I knew that I wanted my daughters to see the best in me.  I wanted to serve as a model for pursuing a purpose-driven life passionately.

And I’m extremely fortunate…

My two Change Leaders have grown to be two of the best business partners, most understanding companions, and fairest critics on my curriculum design.  My curriculum design strategies and methodology are founded in an interest to tap into the collective knowledge of the community.  With the Pittsburgh Bridge campaign my hope is that all Change Leaders, not just my two, will recognize the shared responsibility in ensuring that everyone has access to  the tools that will have them build bridges and engineer a life they don’t want to escape.



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