What’s Your Digital Footprint Reveal?

How would someone see the world through your digital footprint. if all they learned from you were pictures, blogs, and shared videos what kind of living conditions would you showcase. Is it a place like seen in the video?


If someone lived here, how would they view your world? Would it be 100% Accurate?

If I only had your webpage history, your photos & social media pages to identify you; what kind of person would I think you were?

Connected Learning is about sharing with all stakeholders in our community to create an ecosystem we don’t want to escape, together as a community.

We are the catalysts in this equation. My AP Chemistry Student will hopefully soon know the instances where being the catalyst speeds a reaction or not, because there are conditions when nothing happens.

But one thing we know is that we can always be learning and expending energy only to maintain balance. That’s the way life is. Things are thrown in a mix at all times, your efforts should happily go towards maintaining balance.




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