Parenting, never a game of ‘hide and seek.’

I am extremely grateful to be coming from a place of calm hysteria (I strategically used this word to address etymology in another post.) There’s nothing more rewarding than engineering the life I don’t want to escape, with the two that I can’t escape; my daughters. 

As single/non co-parenting mother of two daughters, I’m learning that the best way to parent is by being my very best self. Their Nana, Mom, has been my saving grace.  She’s like my Marian Sheilds Robinson (Michelle Obama’s mom), and has allowed me to flourish while practicing the art of engineering community engagement.  My desire for my daughters is to be knowledgeable about maintaining wellness, means  I have to be my very best self.  I have to work to ensure they know how to always be considerate of their environmental, mental, financial, and physical health when on THEE Path to wellness.


All of which will ultimately effect how they evolve over a lifetime.

 Epigenetics uses a set of twins to  show that we, as individuals, evolve in very different ways no matter how similar our DNA.  Consider the effects of trauma, malnutrition, refusal of educational opportunities, economic oppression.  Upon approaching Conflict Kitchen to host the 1st Annual Juneteenth Day event at Conflict Kitchen for the 2015 IERN Sharpens Iron Summit events, I was forced to consider the conflict that people of the African Diaspora have come against in America.

All of which are part of my efforts to modeling the value of creating a meaningful networks that will support you when the country you live in does not. 

To best identify those people you want to have around you, you have to understand our purpose or at the very least your goals.  All savvy business persons understand that you have to have the “end game” in mind.  I’ve found my purpose is to share with the world, specifically parents interested more in giving young learners tools to support themselves and only strategically depend on your network to get it done.


We offer parents and educators a personalized toolkit to share with their child the cultural competence, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills needed to engineer a life you don’t want to escape. Growing up alone after the age of 10,  I yearned companionship and created codependent relationships that made me second guess my better judgement.  Every parent overcompensates based on their life experiences.  I don’t want my daughters to have to be alone.  I also want my daughters to live longer lives.  Lives that don’t come to an abrupt end due to heart failure and other preventable diseases like diabetes and hypertension.  To broadcast Freedom Radio Live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during Pittsburgh Metro’s American Heart Association Power of Laughter Luncheon hosted by Kim Coles, and to co-host the 1st Annual Women’s Health and Wellness Mini-Retreat with IERN Chef Torie Day was an opportunity to voice my dedication to supporting women become healthier.

I’m from a family that loves to eat great food, and with the help of a new line-up of IERN Chefs,  the 2nd Annual Juneteenth Day collaboration with Conflict Kitchen is bound to continue creating opportunities for collaboration and engaging, together as a community. I’ll be finding ways to continue to grow my human family tree in an effort to create a network for my daughters to find supportive and willing teachers to access as they evolve.  And year after year I try to find a way to create a less toxic and well networked ecosystem for us all to live in.

#instalifepgh #PittsburghPeaceNearPNCPark  #SelfPortraitInPgh

It truly does take a village, and I want to create a village that I don’t want to escape and a life I don’t want to hide from.  Children always “remember how you made them feel,” and if I am not at my best environmentally, mentally, physically, and financially; I cannot nurture or model a life of virtuosity and respectfulness.

There are three things, from which, I find it impossible to hide: my body, my environment, AND my children.  So as a single/non co-parenting mother of daughters, there is no escaping that, who they become, will have so much to do with how I made them feel about themselves. Much like my Mom told me, be your very best self.  And as an educator I know I have to strategically and intentionally create the environment that supports their growth.  They are pretty sharp, and there is no escaping them.


I am and will always be their first model of how a woman should navigate along this journey, seeking to be their very best selves, and there is no hiding that. 

For more information on a personalized toolkit to help your child engineer a life they don’t want to escape, Schedule a Consultation.


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