“See a Need, Fill a Need”!

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To take the ‪#‎FeedAScholar‬ Challenge, all you have to do is:

1) Find a college student in your family or community who expresses they have a financial hardship around grocery shopping, and affordable meals

2) Ask their address, and

3) Pack a box of food (preferably nutritious) and SEND!

Being just 7 years out of the ‘poor college student’ lifestyle as a engineering student at Carnegie Mellon University, Williams wants to‪‎ share Hope‬ with students ‘battling’ to earn degrees and be the change they want to see in the world! Support those learners.


Empathy is the beginning of innovation:

“It has now been 7 years since I was eating once every other day (if I was lucky) while attempting to finish my Carnegie Mellon University degree. My family thought I’d graduated, and there was pressure to be raising my daughters on my own, versus being in my mom’s care. I decided to bring my babies to Pittsburgh, no help co-parenting, but luckily child care was there. I kept working through the Summer, Summer school by day, washing dishes at night…

Too often we forget those leaders of tomorrow. The college students, that are trying to matriculate without the appropriate basic needs. So the “Feed A Scholar” Challenge is designed to fill that need, because I’ve seen how too many of our learners struggle silently.

You are not alone!  Join me in ensuring that our leaders of tomorrow get quality meals daily.  Interested?” http://bit.ly/LetsTalkNow


Updated 7.16.2016

Meet the Scholars!




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