Women Of Pittsburgh: Creating a Legacy


As a 2015 Carnegie Mellon University graduate in Technology and the Human Condition with a minor in Biomedical Engineering, I’ve learned the key to reducing City of Pittsburgh’s brain drain is mentorship.  I was educated in the “3rd Poorest Neighborhood in America” and recognize the necessity to help students educated in the Pittsburgh region create supportive networks.

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Visit here for more details:

Available: <https://www.eventbrite.com/e/creating-a-legacy-of-greatness-tickets-29242256376&gt;

Life in Pittsburgh allowed me to apply my skills in organizations led by women entrepreneurs that value education and continuous learning.  I want to continue the model that they’ve created for me, by connecting with other women entrepreneurs in the Pittsburgh region.  Together we will be “Creating a Legacy of Greatness” together, as a community.

Get your tickets to join us Sunday, November 20, 2016 with fabulous food from the winners of the La Dorita Kitchen Incubator.  
On November 20, 2016 I’ll reveal how so many of the fearless leadership of women owned businesses in Pittsburgh have helped me model greatness for two daughters.  These are the women that are creating influence in industries that will help diversify the talent pool and produce quality workforce development tools. Join me on November 20, 2016 so I can continue listing the “Women of Pittsburgh” that have helped me engineer a life I don’t want to escape.
By utilizing the knowledge of the community, we can engineer a life that we don’t want to escape. I’ll share lessons and training opportunities offered by the leader of Higher Living Inc, Cassandra Williams, who led the last cohort to professional success offered at the Hill CDC. I’ll honor the women in my network like 2015 Irene O. Bartko Award recipient, Sakinah Davis, and talk of the mentorship gained under the leadership of Assemble, Nina Barbuto, and how the work of La’Tasha Mayes and Etta Cetera has been and integral part of the healing process during my education in Pittsburgh.

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