The Countdown Begins! Creating a Legacy of Greatness

Fearless leader, and Creative Director of the IERN Sharpen Iron Summit Tour, is preparing her look for Sunday, November 20th where she will celebrating the Women of Pittsburgh and supporting the professional development!  LaToya Williams was recognized as the 2016 Local African American Hero at Halifax Community College in February, 2016. Her nomination, submitted by creator of the, Women’s Business Accountability Group, BAG Ladies and Word Pearls, Donna Clements reveals that IERN WILL’s leader “hopes that her efforts away from the Roanoke Valley will help build a robust learning infrastructure locally for years to come.” That’s why she’s decided to celebrate the Women of Pittsburgh who have served as a mentor, coach, and supporter on November 20th from 4 -6 PM. Williams guarantees that business-women in attendance for “Creating a Legacy of Greatness”  will leave with an accountability partner and a plan.

Creating a Legacy of Greatness,” will attract the business women committed to personal and professional growth.  Refreshments for the evening, provided by IERN Chef Cheyanne Bronzell of Phat Girlz a Cookin’, will nourish our bodies as, LaToya Monique, leads the Women of Pittsburgh through the premier of the “Engineerinng Life” interactive programming and strategic action plan aligned to personal and professional goals.

LaToya’s so excited about seeing your faces fill the meeting space of La Dorita Dulce de Leche on Sunday November 20, 2016 from 4 – 6PM  located at  2312  Main Street, Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania that’s she left this message for you!


If you’re trying to get “the bundled up for Pittsburgh” look, Let’s Talk Now.  I’ll be previewing the looks that I’ll be debuting curtesy of personal stylist Audrey Flowers, Weldon, North Carolina. You’ll have full access to get the look, here, and here and all curtesy of small business owners located in the Roanoke Valley NC.  We’re engineering a life we don’t want to escape by ensuring our dollars are cycled and recyled in our community.  Join us!  We’ll be planning during “Creating a Legacy of Greatness” November 20th, 2016.  



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