No. 1 Summit Goal: Leave Communities Better Than You Found Them

There’s several things that have stuck with me through the years. My purpose was revealed to me in 1993, I was 9 years old, and I realized that all learners were not afforded the same resources and demographics played a major part in that. I mean, when I think about it, so many “memories” come from schooling and learning institutions. In particular, those instances connected to the Ivory Tower of Academia. In addition to the lessons shared in “An Engineering Kind of Mind,” words from engineering professor Dr. Gary Powers has had a lasting effect. As his last advisee and after 13 years, I can say that I am officially a Carnegie Mellon University Alum, and now, more than ever do I truly understand the intricacies of “The Human Condition.”

The lesson from Dr. Powers that stands out the most is, “Leave it better than you found it.”  So taking hold of my purpose,  North Carolina School of Science and Math’s motto and continued to “Accept the Greater Challenge.”   Navigating life without a high school diploma or degree won’t limit you from living your dream, but human conditioning will force people to put limits on you, even if you put none on yourself.  The Key to quality education is you; be intentional about learning all you can from the people around you.

I want to be clear that the objective of all IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Events; happening in Greater Pittsburgh Region, rural North Carolina and beyond, is to create a network that makes our city, neighborhood, and block more livable for all residents.  By providing high-quality enrichment opportunities for lifelong learning, women in business who are native to Pittsburgh will have an opportunity to showcase their best work and share their experiences with women coming up November 20th.

Make sure you’re there as we work together on “Creating a Legacy of Greatness


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