Creating A Legacy of Greatness, Together, TODAY!

Sunday, November 20th is here!  Today we celebrate the Women Entrepreneurs of the Pittsburgh Region that are setting standards for high quality services and products! 


Hosted by LaToya Williams, the Creative Director of the IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tour

Latoya-Williams-Legacy-Flyer-REVISED .jpeg


You’ll gain tools to help you improve your overall wellness.  Those in attendance will gain access to toxin-free beauty tips and products curtesy of the Hairs to Your Health Campaign.  They’ll also receive insider information on how you can gain access to one of the best professional training sessions in the city, thanks to Higher Living Inc.  Participants will even get a chance to contribute to ending hunger through Phat Girlz a Cookin‘s suspending tab system.  Find out details and gain discounts from members of the IERN WILL network from 4 – 6 PM today!  Sunday, November 20th, 2016


Haven’t purchased your tickets yet?


There will be a $25 entrance fee at the door! But bring a family member along and mention the “Enterprising Family” discount for up to 60% off the ticket price.


See you at 4PM at 2312 Main Street, Sharpsburg, PA 15215


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