I’m Thankful for The Legacy Leaders…

During a time where we are celebrating all that we are thankful for over a long-awaited meal in a room full of those we call family, I wanted to also share WHO I’m thankful for!’



The Legacy Leaders (From left to right:  Mrs. Tasha L., Mrs. Takiya W.,  Ms. LaToya W., Ms. Jewel B., Ms. Sakinah D., Mrs. Cheyanne B.)

These ladies won’t be stopped and they are the ones YOU need in your corner too!  These women recognize that “health is wealth” and offer superior services and products that are paired with with an empowering message for the woman entrepreneur.  Together these fearless leaders within their respective industries will be hosting the “Legacy of Greatness” Series starting with our “Bad Mamas Mingle” in January!  Be sure to stay tuned, but if you want to be the first to learn details of our “Legacy of Greatness” events.  Sign up here.


If you haven’t checked out Phat Girlz A Cookin’, LabDoll_Jewels, Jewel the Baker, Tashlivwraps, the Will Harper Intergenerational Foundation blog: http://willharperfoundation.blogspot.com/ be sure to do that today!

Don’t forget to add “THEE Path” to Your Favorites.  As the Creative Director of the “IERN Sharpens Iron Summit” L. Williams recognizes the value of tapping into the knowledge of the collective community in an effort to move communities towards self sufficiency.  From parenting, to defining community together, to learning lessons from our youth, creating connected learning strategies, and raising awareness about solopreneurs you’ll find a holistic approach to engineering life daily!


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