Do Kids Cause Female Baldness?

Trying to find a place for your 7 -10 year old to be safe, while learning and creating so you don’t pull your hair out?  Make it over to Garysburg Volunteer Public Library for “Crafting and Drafting.”

On Saturdays, STARTING February 18th, the Garysburg Volunteer Public Library (GVPL) will introduce young learners to engineering and science concepts using the arts. At “Crafting and Drafting”  learners will use their time at GVPL, 1 PM – 3PM Saturday Feb. 18th,  to color, craft, and draft a world they don’t want to escape…

Don’t miss this opportunity to allow your child to grow their brains with our TEAAMS™ curriculum. TEAAMS™ is an acronym for (Technology, Engineering, Arts, Agriculture, Mathematics, Science) and with TEAAMS™ young learners will be introduced to Biomimicry, Agricultural Engineering, Physiology and Anatomy all while letting their creativity shine.

And you get to rest!  Your child will be able to show you the beauty of a little art therapy after they spend Saturdays, STARTING February 18th from 1 – 3 PM, at

Garyburg Volunteer Public Library

504 HWY 46 Garyburg, NC 27831

Call LaToya at 252.526.0101 or email



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