2-ish Steps To Create A Legacy of Greatness

When questions arise like “So, what do you do?” I’m never quite fulfilled by the response I give. Typically, it amounts to; “I teach,” as they provides a close second to my “profession.”

An let me clear this up before I go much further, I’m not a professional.  I just behave professionally when it’s absolutely necessary!  I’m a Legacy Leader, and in creating memorable things, sometime you have to venture outside of ill-informed, insensitive, and often oppressive ideals that get deemed “appropriate.”

That said: unless I know the person asking the question extremely well, I have this weird flaw  of always explaining who I am by referencing who I can be for you.  But I always try to come with a Budget and a Blueprint.   I can tend to be a little extra, but it’s only because I know the life that I’m interested in engineering for myself and my daughters.  I’m clear on my “Why?” and constantly work towards fulfilling the promises that I make to myself.

Because, who I AM may not match my circumstances you may often catch me speaking to my future circumstances.  I recognize that my intellectual abilities and determination ultimately means “No Limits!” However, I’m careful to ‘Know Limits’ my response.  But, all things considered, I AM  a Legacy Leader, and so I wanted to give you the 2-ish Steps to Creating a Legacy of Greatness.  Because, creating a legacy of greatness is ultimately, what I do.

Step Number 1:

Actively use the engineering design process.  Imagine and identify solutions are creatively developed through collaboration and a committment to cultural intelligence.  This is the only way that we can guarentee economic development in low-income & under-resourced communities.  How do I know? Mostly because I’m from the 3rd poorest region in the US. But also because I now know most millionaires have 7 streams of income.

For people working with “disadvantaged populations”  we have to be creating this revenue one way, and one way only.




Step Number 2:

Engage the Youth.  Take some time to read the article “Youth Hold the Key: Building Your Workforce Today and in the Future.”  You can help us we continue working to engage the youth of the Roanoke Valley and continue the community plan started in 2013.  By utilizing a comprehensive approach to identifying community resources, we’ve been able to help youth leaders explore their professional interests. You can view updates on the “Pittsburgh Bridge” donation page.  An experiential learning program that connects seasoned professionals in my network to students and young professional in my network.  We recognize the value of intergenerational ties and interprofessional collaboration and we know that digital literacy is mandatory for growing our businesses.

View the Pittsburgh Bridge page to veiw the digital contributions from youth professionals based in North Carolina and Nigeria.

Want to see how having a working retreat could help push our initiatives to grow our Creative and Cultural Intelligence curriculum and advance experiential learning for scholars globally?  Contact me at iernwilltutors@gmail.com or by texting “CCI” to 252.628.9455.



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