Engineering Life: Hairs to Your Health

It was 3 years ago that I took the “Pittsburgh Bridge“. I found myself in circumstances I thought I’d never have to face to ensure that my daughters were close.

In my vulnerability, feeling a complete failure as a mother, I buried myself into my entrepreneurship.  A life that was created when, yet another failure, my Scholarship fell through the cracks.


But with the help friends who are dedicated to helping you reach the promises you made to yourself. So in 2015, I fought through to finally ensure the degree I earned in 2009 was conferred.


But nothing matches the fight of many before me (if you’re unsure of the kind of fight reference Hidden Figures).  And much like our Foremothers and Forefathers, the struggles we endure are just as much engineered results of oppression as they are opportunities to engineer solutions for progress.


And while through my struggle, I realized that pushing for my scholarship while prioritizing my motherhood led me to entrepreneurship.  My dedication to my children led me to identify all the resources that I didn’t have that made navigating post-secondary education extremely difficult for a bright individual that is native to a community with limited resources.   That’s what the Transformational Leadership Conference is all about.

The Transformational Leadership Conference is established to host alliances with organizations, and change-leaders throughout disenfranchised communities. This network is committed to galvanize around working systems –that support holistic transformation in the markets of education, housing, community enrichment, and social entrepreneurship. It is our confidence that this strategic approach to strengthening relationships and efforts within our community will empower its citizens and create an eco-system of change.

Transformational Leadership is about taking Creative Programing and Systems Thinking and creating solutions to improve the financial, personal, environmental, and physical wellness of every individual. For me, that took the form of the “Hairs To Your Health” Campaign. Stay tuned for more ways to engage the resources that you have at your disposal to help you engineer a life you don’t want to escape.


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