Local Teams, Global Perspective

One thing that history shows is that the butterfly effect is indeed real and the circumstances of marginalized communities are often mirrored from country to country.  To address the holistic needs of marginalized communities everywhere, we have to identify creative programming that  advances both the reach and resources available.

Our Digital Footprint is going to be pivotal to making a real impact in our digital economy.

That’s why we collaborated with young learners interested in practicing their craft to help advance a brand that is based in holistic education through overall wellness.

Experiential learning and a global perspective is going to give our communities access to the solutions they need the most.  Because just as I shared as I presented at Pittsburgh’s First American Leadership Conference Forum on May 13th; a huge step towards “True Character, Leadership, and Good Governance” is ensuring we have an understanding of each other’s Perspective.


Photo: Courtesy of UPF Pittsburgh

The Holistic Engineering Education Path is designed to help you navigate a life you don’t want to escape.  Thanks to The Transformational Leadership Conference, & the IERN Sharpens Iron Summit Tour, we’ve created an international network practice of system solutions. The role of effective social entrepreneurship is to create and manage systems that provoke change.   Just as our communities are engineered to generate a response to the social or economic potentials of the environment, our efforts must engage the engineering and design process to advance the existing social orientation.


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