Change Leader Letter: Lesson 11

I’m so grateful for this lesson.
Every job is a little self-portrait of the person who did it. —Anonymous.png
It was revealed to me after a traveling colleague decided to stop by on their way across the border. For the 30 minutes – 1 hour we chatted at the gas station off the exit. They told me of all the big moves they wanted to make me aware of, and unexpectedly, left me with a huge lesson about tight hugs.  
They kinda change your life. In fact, a professor at my Alma mater discussed stress prevention of hugs, and I witnessed it first hand.  And I’d be remiss to not pass on this new understanding to other learners.  First up, my oldest daughter.
So in addition to this revived appreciation for hugs, another beautiful milestone has been established on this Monday June 5th of year Two thousand – seventeen.
Today, I celebrate being a mom for 11 years. We always commemorate this event, and the Universe saw fit for me to give a speech to my 11 year old on her beautiful heart in front of her teacher and peers. She may have been a tad embarrassed, but I kept it short and sweet.  Much like the hugs from a friend, it was yet another pleasant surprise.  It reminded me to remain gentle when the disappointments of the world can make you cold and as hard as ice.  It also spilled over into tight hugs for her little sister, who in this year, transitioned to a new school and excelled by leaps an bounds in the structure of a new environment.  In all the scolding and discipline we have to offer to our babies to ensure they navigate this chaotic world protected and with poise, we have to ensure we give just as many hugs.  
Simply because, dear Change Leader, “Tight Hugs Matter!”  And I’m thankful to my 11 year old for always reminding me to lead from the heart.
So, with all the mushy stuff out the way!  Make sure you are scheduling self-care sessions with your little at our Pink Sky Parties!  Be sure to make arrangements to get “pampered for less” at our upcoming Polka Dot Diva Party!   You don’t want to miss it!

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