Pink Sky Parties: Literacy with Pens & Glitter Polish

Pink Sky Diva Parties are designed to get Mommies and their mini out for an opportunity to bond, work on self-care, and improve literacy.

At our upcoming Polka Dot Diva Party, Parents get pampered with facials and hand-massages while their mini crafts a custom Pink Sky Pen. Our pens have been purchased by community heroes like Ms. June Seale.


Ms. Juneyetta Seale: broke through the glass ceiling and left the challenging world of Wall Street as a Senior Vice President of a major International Investment Firm with only 1-1/2 years of early childhood education courses at Howard University. Attributes her success to the family members and community that nurtured her. Taught to love math by the pharmacist at Silvermans drug store in The Hill District of PITTSBURGH. (August Wilson’s Hill)

Ms. June too is a pioneer in education, and having mentors with a focus and dedication like hers she’s engineered math learning in ways that connect culturally and creatively to the learner.  That’s why we’re offering an $11 pen-party pack that includes a decorative flower, smooth tip writing pen, and supplies if you schedule a Polish Party date with your little.  Your pre-school aged child will be able to gain interest in writing and letters earlier.  In addition to the $11 pen-party pack our “Creating a Legacy of Greatness” journals will be available to offer you and your school-aged child and will offer them a space to communicate creative ideas and plans to share.  Quite often, writing offers our youth a voice they feel otherwise would go unheard and the “Wake. Pray. Slay” insert for moms offers you a space to always write, read and re-read positive affirmations and daily successes.

We know nothing brightens your day like seeing cute polish on those hands that work so hard, typing, serving, writing and caring for others. Take some time to pamper yourself at a Pink Sky Polish Party!  Schedule your session early, parties begin June 21st!



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