Engineering Balance: Sacrifice = Success

I don’t know about you, but the growing responsibility of maintaining a clean bill of health, debt, and clutter has gotten to be a bit overwhelming most days.  But I’ve learned how to create balance.  It often happens through laughter and realizing how much you’ve grown.  Sacrifice comes in many forms; starting school with a family to improving earning potential, rebudgeting to gain the perks of being in affluent neighborhoods, relocating your business to an underserved area for tax breaks, just to name a few.

But no matter what decision you make, your hopes for a profitable return/successful outcome is often weighed against the kind of investment you’re required to make.  Our brain bias has a tendancy to hold on to the negative things and replay them more often than we do the positive ones.  For that reason alone, I say, find your balance by seeing your sacrifice as a success.  All though you may incur additonal expenses, relocating or returning to school, or getting a life coach could help provide the guidance you need most. And anything leading to success, even sacrifice, is a success.  So, laugh more & remember…

Sacrifice = Success

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