Engineering Humanity

In a world where selfishness and poverty are rampant we are often manipulated into believing that giving less is more beneficial to us in the long run.  We also place expectations on people as if they can be only smart, or attractive. Poor, or civilized.  Or that affluence is a precursor to a stress free lifestyle. Or peace is afforded only to people unwilling to fight.  None of that is further from the truth. Maintaining your peace despite disappointments, lowered expectations, and your personal vow to selflessness is a war. And no matter where you are in life, you can ask, imagine, plan, create, and improve.  That’s what the engineering design process applied to life requires.  Engineering life; means remembering that what you share with the world and the company you keep matters.

Engineer success by being fearless, engineer balance by recognizing the prerequisite to success is sacrifice, engineer hope through continuous positivity, and the best way to remain positive is to do as you wish and harm none. You don’t have to choose between being beautiful to the world and making the world beautiful.

Do It All! 

Engineering Humanity (8)


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