Education Reform Should Happen at Barber Shops

It’s almost Summer time! How are ensuring your child is staying summertime fresh & continuing to learn, at the same time? So much learning can happen in the Barbershops or at Pink Sky Polish Parties.

Read how we’re “Writing Poverty Out of Homes.”


Can you imagine the level of engagement that happens in the salon and barber shops? From debates on the latest viral video, politics, and community events; all the current events that matter to people are being talked about in the barber shop.

The “Hairs to Your Health” Campaign is IERN WILL Educational Services founding initiative.  The reason everything started with hair, is because a significant amount of time and resources are invested there for African American families. The level of FDA regulation on personal care products allows toxic ingredients, banned in other countries, to be used here in the US.

Did I mention that African American households spend anywhere from 40 – 50%  of their income on hair care, whether their income is 40K a year or 100K?  That means black people are spending 9 times more than anyone else on hair products.

That’s not including seat time costs…

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