Teacher’s Teachable Moment 2: ‘I’m DELIVERT!’

Looking for experts in the following topical areas for assistance with our creative curriculum conference.
1) Psychology
2) Reading comprehension/Written Composition/Research
3) Early Childhood Experiences/Education (ECE)
4) Innovation
5) Genetics/Geography
6) Anatomy/Genetics
7) Financial Literacy / Physical Education
8) Physics/Fluid Dynamics


Because Winter is Chill, I stepped back, I observed, and I learned a lot.

Here’s another “Teacher’s Teachable Moment” for Day 2 of Spring. 

If you are willing to take some time out and evaluate your impulses and temptations and identify the tools that are best to use in managing them, you too can say



Here’s a list of all the things making the necessary “adaptation” this Winter revealed.  While many animals are as “free as birds” to use the “migration” method.

And while I did practice the “hibernation” option when the temperatures were below zero a few times over the season, I’ve been able to use my energy to identify “Teachable Moments.”

I have to ask myself “What temptations impede success?”  It became clear I needed a model to remind me to regularly identify tools available for self-improvement.

The model is simple, but it is often tough to…

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